SynBio Consulting works with leading organizations across the private, public and social sectors – organizations eager to change and get an edge in Synthetic Biology, Genetic Engineering and the ever changing landscape of Life Sciences.

We are passionate about taking on immense and world changing challenges that matter to our clients, taking your project from R&D all the way to market penetration. Our deep functional and industry expertise in these radically new fields allow us to address changes that no one else can, to develop and implement realistic and truly valuable changes that are driven by deep insights.


The rapid development of Synthetic Biology promises important academic, industrial and societal benefits but every client has unique needs, and every mission is different. Therefore, formulaic and template-driven approaches make little sense in the very complex and ever changing life science environment and limit the options for exploration.

We strive by adapting ourselves to the specific missions and assembling the best resources for the challenges at hand. With a deep experience in science, education and commercialization, the SynBio team knows what fundamental breakthroughs and analytics best suit the current question. We know how to follow where the research leads, interpret the findings and recognize the factors that lead to the deepest insights —those that draw clarity out of ambiguity and result in realistic, actionable recommendations that our clients can execute with confidence.


Camille Delebecque

Founder and President of Synbio Consulting

Camille has been advising organizations across the private, public and social sectors since his start with Synthetic Biology in 2006. He is the Founder and CEO of SynBio Consulting and an expert in Synthetic Biology for the European Commission.

Prior to founding SynBio, Camille worked at Puretech Ventures on the Enlight Bioscience start-up portfolio, he was a consultant for the Harvard Office of Technology Development, a Director of the Harvard Biotech Club and worked for the Life Science division of UNESCO. Camille is trained as a bioengineer and earned his PhD in Synthetic Biology with the highest distinctions. His thesis work was published in leading scientific journals and made the cover of Science.

Contact him directly: Camille {at} SynbioConsulting {dot} com   Connect on Linkedin & Twitter

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